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IGTV Playbook

IGTV is the newest addition to the Facebook family. It’s built for long form video and perfect for content creators and brands alike.

What is it?

As you’ve probably noticed there is a new icon in the top nav bar of your Instagram App. When touched, this icon will direct you to the IGTV App. IGTV is Instagram’s take on a long-form social video platform. When released, Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, talked about some problems they found when analyzing the current platforms, i.e. YouTube, and how IGTV is able to overcome those in order to enhance our viewing experience. To cover every aspect completely, would take a book, not just a post but there are a few main components that I would like to cover.


The main features that separate it from its competitors are the orientation, length, and simplicity of the videos and viewing experience.
First, let’s cover orientation. IGTV displays videos full screen and in vertical format. What does this mean? No more have to change the orientation of your phone to watch videos. You can seamlessly enter the app and watch your favorite content without any further actions. Next, is the length of the videos. Unlike Instagram, videos can be 1 minute to 1 hour. This will enable influencers Instagram to broaden their content, having more flexibility with time. Lastly, IGTV aims to bring the simplicity of watching traditional TV to the convenience of your phone. The vertical format enables a seamless viewing experience so you can watch content the same way you use your phone. The length of the content enables influencers to produce more engaging content and the way the software was designed creates a TV-like experience with the creators as channels and the immediate viewing of content when opening the app similar to when you turn on your TV. All these features together create a unique experience that we have yet to experience.


With how different the viewing experience is compared to other platforms, the content has to reflect such. The biggest question if formatting content you have or will create. Now, obviously shooting video with your phone vertical, the normal way you hold it, will produce the formatting necessary, but like I said what about the content you already have? A 9:16 aspect ratio is perfect, while a minimum of 4:5 is required. Now, in pixels, the optimal dimensions would be 1080 x 1920. Something very important to remember is that when editing content you already have, you will crop the left and right sides of the video. Now, if you didn’t have this in mind when you initially shot the video, you could be cropping out important aspects of the video. So, like always, it’s important to create the content specific to the platform you’re designing it for.

More to Come…

There are so many cool things that can happen with this platform. The most important thing to do right now is to download the app and become part of the community. As more and more influencers begin to adopt the platform you’ll see it shape into how they use it and how their audiences react to it. Pay attention to these things and you’ll be able to adapt your brand and use this platform to grow it as well.

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